Get More Reviews!

Customer reviews have a significant impact on a business’s reputation, which can ultimately affect their revenue. People are more likely to buy from a particular business if that business has a higher review score than their competition. And, the consumer-generated content from reviews improves the chances that consumers will find that business in local searches.

BVK Direct is excited to introduce a new method for you to generate more reviews on the review sites that consumers rely on to make their buying decisions. With this new method, you can:

  • Get more reviews on the top review sites.
  • Keep bad reviews out of the spotlight.
  • And ultimately boost your online review ratings.

Whether you have negative reviews or just don’t have enough (recent) reviews, this new Review Generation method will be sure to improve your online reputation.

The new review request email asks the customer if they’d recommend your business to a friend.

If the customer indicates that they would recommend the business to a friend, the email will direct that happy customer to a simple landing page that asks them to select a site and leave a review.

If the customer indicates that they wouldn’t recommend the business to a friend, the email will direct that unhappy customer to a modified feedback form on My Listing. The negative review remains on your PRIVATE Reviews page and an email alert is sent to you instantly.  You can follow up privately with the dissatisfied client and work to turn a negative feedback into a satisfied customer.