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Why BVK?... Service, Savings, Results!

Guaranteed savings of at least 10% off the regular rates on your annual Yellow Pages ads or we refund you the difference!         Plus, no additional charge for any of our services.

Are Print Yellow Pages Dead?

 "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."             *Mark Twain

30% of consumer's initial search preference is still Print Yellow Pages! Are your potential new clients among them? BVK Direct can help you find the appropriate level of representation based on your needs and budgets. New Client Acquisitions at Great ROI. That Still Works!
  • Guaranteed Cost Savings
  • No More High Pressure Local Sales Reps
  • Unbiased Recommendations
  • Simplified Billing- One Contact - One Bill
  • Free Call Tracking and Reporting

It's easy to get started.

As part of the Veterinary Growth Partners group, you are entitled to the savings, expertise, and trust that BVK Direct delivers as your Approved National Yellow Pages vendor.

1.  Contact BVK Direct and we'll reach out to you 90 Days before your local book closes.  No last minute sales pressure.  

2. We'll transfer all the details, records, and pricing for your current ads from the Yellow Page Publisher to our system.

3.  If a local Yellow Pages saleperson contacts you, you can simply tell them that you are now placing your ads throught the VGP National Acccount.  

4. Your BVK Direct Media Consultant will work with you to find the best program to meet your goals.  We negotiate the lowest available rates, find additional savings and overcharges, set up free call tracking and results reporting, design high impact ads to maximize your response, and look at options to get you greater exposure.

5. BVK Direct handles everything else.  You'll get billed from BVK instead of YP, hibu, Dex.

Responsible ad programs and budgets,  Transparent results reporting and billing, Cost savings, and a Media Consultant on your side, not a commissioned salesperson.

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Give us a call or email and let us know that you're a VGP Member and we'll get started!

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